DJ Kuwsh

Born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, DJ Kuwsh has been around music all of his life. “Growing up I have always been a fan of music, I have been buying and collecting it since my early teens.” It wasn’t until he was introduced to the once popular peer2peer program, Napster, that he even had an interest in becoming a DJ. “I remember when I was younger, my sister’s father tried his hands at dj-ing, he bought some equipment and he used to make his little mix tapes. They kind of sucked because he wasn’t too good at mixing, but maybe watching him do his thing is what inspired me to want to make my tapes in the Napster era” Kuwsh recalls. “I never dreamt of being a DJ though. The only reason I even bought a pair of turntables is because I wanted to do it as a hobby. I was always fascinated with how the DJ some times scratched the records. I wanted to do that so badly. I had no idea of the science behind beat matching or party rocking and I definitely didn’t know anything about being a successful DJ as far as the business side of it.”

In 2005 DJ Kuwsh started Holler At Your Boy Entertainment. He purchased a pair of turntables, a mixer, and some speakers and went to work. “My first time ever touching a set of turntables, I had no idea of what I was doing or was supposed to do, you feel me?” he reminisces, “But after days and nights locked in my basement and hours of research on the internet, I got the hang of what I call the basics of dj-ing, you know, beat matching and party rocking.” Kuwsh started frequenting Harrisburg city bars and clubs handing out business cards promoting himself and his imprint. He acquired many successful gigs at different bars and clubs such as The Regal Beagle, Privado, and Bills Café. He became recognized as a force to be reckoned with on the club scene, soon the doors to bigger and more lucrative opportunities automatically opened.

DJ Kuwsh has done just about every type of event that utilizes a DJ, from karaoke to concert halls to bar mitzvah’s. “I started out as a club DJ, doing the local bars and clubs. I was young and having a good time. I then branched off into doing the mix tapes and private parties,” he explains. DJ Kuwsh and his brand soon became a staple in Harrisburg city for all dj-ing and entertainment needs. It was a combination of the clubs, the mix tapes, and the private events that garnered him a solid reputation as not only a competing DJ but also a respectable businessman. In 2007 he partnered with R.E.A.L. Entertainment and worked with the label’s marketing team to gain more exposure and to promote his brand on a larger scale. In December 2009, DJ Kuwsh opened up for superstar DJ, DJ Drama; at Philadelphia Eagles football star LeSean “Shady” McCoy’s draft party. In 2010, working with Dream Catcher Entertainment, DJ Kuwsh opened up for a concert starring rap star Fabolous and R&B sensation Trey Songz. He has accomplished success on several platforms continuing to stay relevant in the club, private event and mix tape arenas.

Playing 200+ gigs per year, DJ Kuwsh is a working maniac. But that doesn’t keep him out of the studio during the week working on new mixes and tapes for the world to hear. Working with his team at Holler At Your Boy Entertainment as well as the staff and talent at R.E.A.L. Entertainment, DJ Kuwsh continues to remain a trusted and reliable brand in the northeast. He is constantly breaking new records and aiding aspiring artists with their exposure and development. DJ Kuwsh is well known for his sense of camaraderie when it comes to helping out other DJ’s and sticking together. “It’s important for DJ’s to help other DJ’s for the good of all DJ’s and our patrons” he explains, “only a DJ can feel another DJ’s plight, It’s not always lights, camera, action.” He says.

You can catch DJ Kuwsh spinning at S&D’s Bar Saturday’s from 9pm till 2am.

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